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A workshop to help business leaders stop reacting to the urgent and start achieving the important. Get change that sticks so your business can grow.

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Do you feel your business life is stuck?

We've all been there. It feels like your business growth has levelled off. You know how to do what you do… you're probably very good at it too. But gaining momentum and taking things up to the next level is another matter.

Through Leadership Management International (LMI UK), I have a plan to give you…
Measurable results. Lasting change.

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Stop reacting. Control your day and increase productivity.

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​Get measurable results

If we don’t demonstrate success at at the halfway point, I pay you back for everything.

I left the room buzzing with ideas… we are now getting through more work, charging more, spending less time on unprofitable activities.

Michael Kiy  MD, Yes We Do Websites

This workshop is for you if…

  • You want more sales
  • You want your team to gain more productivity
  • You’re often reacting to the urgent instead of achieving the important
  • You’ve hit a business growth plateau
  • Work isn't slowing down
  • Your team might be feeling the strain
  • More is expected
  • But you don't know where the room to grow is…
Peter Larkum

Leadership Management Expert

Become the leader your team love

My clients want more sales, they want more from their team. But all too often they’re spinning their wheels reacting to the urgent and hitting a limit on their leadership.

Through LMI, I help leaders get back on track by giving them the necessary skills to achieve the important, so their company can grow.

Most people try business books or an online course. Very few are finished! Even most ‘workshops’ don’t work. One month on, it’s business as before. You’re right to be skeptical.

So what’s different about me?

Change that sticks.

My clients get the lasting results or I foot the bill. I take you from start to finish, create changes that stick, and you get measurable results.

I’ve been unblocking people’s potential for over 20 years and seen business leaders transform their teams from unengaged to passionately effective.

What sort of results can you expect?

  • check
    Increase your productivity by 30+ minutes per day
  • check
    By the end of a year, that's an extra month each year for you to invest in achieving your most important goals.

Once you enroll in our program, the results only compound from there across your whole company.

Learn to lead with impact.

Several good ideas and principals to put into practice straight away. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who's wondering where time disappears to and how to achieve more in their life.

Ian O'Donnell, MBE  Director, Real Point Group

I have already started to implement the actions and I find myself completing tasks and strangely having free time too! I can honestly say I think what I learned will change my life.

Adam Petford  Owner, The Biz Links

Many changes...so much more productive. The absolute uniqueness of this is the system that backs up the workshop; it's like no management programme I've been on.

Gemma Bowers  Learning & Development Director, Regular Cleaning

I was sceptical… but wow, I'm so glad I went! I thought I would get the usual tips and unrealistic suggestions. What I got was a real practical toolkit and a burning desire to review how I work.

Tracey Neuman  Director, BHLC

What’s my investment?

How much is the ineffective use of your time costing you? How much is a lack of clarity on your strategy and vision setting you back? How much will doing nothing cost you?

Not investing in your leadership may be costing you a great deal.

'Foundations of Success' live workshop



Need a program designed to impact your company?

The LMI Corporate program creates compound results and company-level growth.

Have questions?

Email hello@peterlarkum.com

What’s in the workshop?

The ‘Foundations of Success’ workshop will help you…

  • Reduce interruptions
  • Identify business AND personal goals
  • Set and keep priorities
  • check
    Communicate with clarity
  • check
    Leadership confidence and control
  • check
    Create lasting impact

What’s included in the ticket?

  • ‘Foundations of Success’ workbook
  • Ongoing ‘Success’ planning system
  • Refreshments